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 Bitches Mated To Todd Pups Born /Expected Litter Results
Moteway stone cold stunner at Kiymol?? ??
Boynhams Show Queen 6 puppies born 12th Aug 05 3  B/W bitches, 1 B/W dog, 1plain brindle dog, 1 white
Vangence Savannah 6 puppies born 1st Nov 05 3 R/W dogs, 2 B/W bitches, 1 white
Boynhams Dark Jasmin 6 puppies born April 06 ??

 Malhar Bitch

 7 puppies born 28th April 06 2 red dogs,1 brindlebitch, 1 B/W bitch, 3 whites
Walkon A Roll 3 puppies born 5th June 06 1 R/W dog, 1plain brindle bitch,1 brindle dog
 Daisy(sonic boom daughter) 5 puppies born 1st Sep 1 R/W dog, 2 B/W bitches, 2 whites
 Boynhams dancing Esther at Boese 5 puppies born 16th Sep 06 2 B/W dogs, 1 B/W bitch, 1white dog, 1 white bitch
 Gemelia It Had To be You 7 puppies born 27th Nov 06 1 R/W dog, 1plain red bitch, 2 R/W bitch ??
 Sweet Toffee cakes mated 6th Oct 06 missed
 Bella (Burnthouse bitch) 8 puppies born 27th March 073 R/W bitches,2 B/W Bitches,1 R/W dog,1 B/W dog,1 plain red dog
 Rocking The Kazbar 5 Puppies  born 19th April 07 1 R/W bitch, 1 plain red bitch, 2 R/W dogs, 1 plain red dog
 Ellie May Of Finglesham 5 puppies born 23rd April 07 1 R/W dog,2 plain dogs,1R/W bitch, 1 plain bitch
 Revluc Raw Silk 5 puppies born 20th May 07 2 R/W bitches, 1 R/W dog, 2 white dogs
 Clarricks Shakira 7 Puppies born  2 R/W dogs, 1 R/W bitch, 1 white dog (3 died)
 Muffin Rebel 3 puppies born 28th June 07 1 B/W dog, 1 B/W bitch, 1 white dog
 Zoejay Bundle of Joy 7 puppies born 4th June 07 3 B/W bitches,1 plain Brindle bitch, 2 B/W dogs,1 white bitch
 Roylark Little By little 5 puppies born 21st Sep 07 2 Brindle dogs, 2 Brindle bitches, 1 red bitch
 Mammy's little Pumpkin 4 puppies born 28th Sep 07 1 plain red dog,1 flashy red dog,1 Plain bitch, 1 flashy bitch
 Welitz Nanny Mc Phee 6 puppies born 31st Sep 07

 5 reds, 1 white

 Happy Kizzy Haydn 5 puppies born 22nd Oct 07 1 red, 4 brindles
 Sweet Toffee Cakes (remate)    puppies born 28th Nov 07 ????
 Muffin Rebel (2nd litter by todd) 5 puppies born 16th Feb 08 3 brindle dogs,2 brindle bitches
 Boynhamsdark Jasmin(2nd litter by T) Puppies due 17th April 08 

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Sired by Clarricks ShBoom ShBoom

Litter sister to Saffron



Boynhams Hot Love At Clarricks (Tyler)

Left and Below, Tyler has already qualified for Crufts 2007 !!


Boynhams Hollyoaks (Holly)
Holly although lightly shown, has already made her mark, with 2 Best Puppy In Breeds
Charmart Star Of The Night (Tia)

Right and below, Tia lives with Tyler and Taome

DOB 28/04/06

Meopham Total Slander (Frankie)

Right and below