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 15/10/06 1st Open, BOB, @ Beckenham CS, under Peter Dimment

07/10/06 2nd Post Grad Dog @ Trent Boxer Club Champ Show, under Mrs K Wildberg (Kanix)

17/09/06 1st Post Grad & Reserve Best Dog @ Anglian BC Open, under Pat Wild (Carwild)

02/09/06 3rd PostGrad Dog @ City Of Birmingham Champ Show, under Margaret Mc Donald Cross

 20/07/06 3rd Post Grad Dog @ East Of England Champ Show, under Mrs J Alton

08/07/06 1st Open BOB @ Clacton & District, under Val Wheeler (Hipkins)

01/07/06 3rd Post Grad Dog @Windsor Champ Show, Under John Hambleton (Marbleton)

 25/06/06 1st Mid Limit Dog @ Blackpool Champ Show , under Terry Thorn (Tahawi)

18/06/06  1st limit Dog BEST IN SHOW @ London & Home Counties BC Open, under Linda Spencer (Derun)

31/05/06 1st Open, BOB, Group 4 @ Guildford & District, under Jeff Crawford

14/05/06 VHC Post Grad Dog @ Birmingham Dog Show Society, under Chris Cray (Klansted) 

07/05/06 1st Open, BOB Group 2 @ Whitstable & District, under Bill Brown Cole (Travella) 

15/04/06 4th Post Grad Dog @ National Working & Pastoral Champ, under Mr. T watson (Roylark) 

19/03/06  1st Open Dog, BOB @ Woolwhich & Bexley CA, under Ron Cobb (Tapauly)

09/03/06 1st Post Graduate Dog (class of 13) @ CRUFTS, under Elizabeth Ingram (Tirkane)

05/03/06 2nd Open @ Folkstone and Hythe CS, under Mrs S Hurren (Shaleodust)

26/02/06 2nd Open @ Kent County CA, under Wayne Patterson (Laywind)

12/02/06 1st Open Dog and Reserve Best Dog in Show @ London and Home Counties Boxer Club Limit show, under Terry Munro (Stornum)

05/02/06 1st Open and BOB, Group 2 @ East Kent CS, under Terry Thorn (Tahawi) and Tom Johnston (Feldirk)

29/01/06 2nd Open and RBOB @ Dartford and District, under John Lyons

28/01/06 2nd LIMIT (out of 12) @ Anglain Boxer Club Champ show, under Ms Sheila Cartwright (Tygarth) TODD IS NOW STUD BOOK QUALIFIED !!

08/01/06 2nd Open @ Dover and Deal CS, under Mrs Val Jordan (Sunvalley)

2/01/06 1st Open, RBOB @ Ashford and Faversham, under Nancy Evans (Amazon)

04/11/05 1st Open, BOB @ Whitstable and District, under Jaqueline Wallis (Danojan)

20/11/05 1st open, RBOB @ Crystal Palace CS, under Tan Negreda (Chandlimore)

6/11/05 1st Open, BOB @ East Kent CS, under Eve Costello (Fenseer)

30/10/05  1st Open, RBOB @ Dartford and District CS, under Tracy Shopland (Peitchottka)

27/10/05 VHC @ Midland Counties Champ show, under Terry Nethercott

23/10/05 1st Open, BOB@ Gravesend and Medway Towns Open Show, under Rosemary Lord (Hecklehaze)

22/10/05 HC (6th out of 14) @ London and Home Counties Champ Show, under Jenny Whittaker (Bucksteps)

16/10/05 1st Open, BOB @ Beckenham CS, under Violoet Slade (Potterspride)

25/09/05 2nd Graduate @ Essex and Eastern BC Open show, under Mrs.E Cranmere (Lingua)

28/08/05 1st Open, BOB, Group 1 @ Horley And District, under Jaovas Copocas and Noel Melling.

21/08/05  1st Open , BOB and BEST IN SHOW @ Kent County Canine Association Limited Show, under John Archibald (Theoben) and Mrs. Anne Webb (Barronoaks)

14/08/05  3rd Graduate Dog @ Bournmouth Championship show, under Mrs. Jean Watson (Roylark)

03/08/05  1st Open +RBOB@ Coulsdon Canine Society Open Show, under Steve Hare (Jimbren)

31/07/05  2nd Graduate Dog @ The British Boxer Champ show, under Mr. D Smith (Clickham)

21/07/05  VHC Graduate Dog @ East Of England Champ Show, under Mr . B. M. Webb

03/07/05 3rd Graduate Dog @ Windsor Champ Show, under Annabel Zammit (Santanoaks)

26/06/05 2nd Post Grad dog@ Blackpool Champ Show, under Goran Bodegard (Sweden)

19/6/06  1st Limit Dog @ LHC Open Show, under Mrs Sylvia Smith Patten.

05/06/05 2nd Grad Dog @ Southern Counties Championship show, under Karina Le Mare

1/06/05 1st Open, BOB, Group 3 @ Guildford Shalford Park, under Mrs.F.Krall (Jafrak)

22/05/05 1st Open and BOB @ Thames Valley under Joyce Radley (Intisari)

01/05/05 1st Open, BOB, Group 1@ South Of England Agri Society, under June Thew (Burnmast)

27/04/05 DOG OF THE YEAR @ London and Home counties Rally (Detling), under Wendy Mitchell (Diceulon)

17/04/05 1st Open, Working Group 1 @ Crystal palace, under Mr Dowson (Beauveiw)

16/04/05  1st Open @ Wickford and Basildon, under James Mc Guigan (Staleyway)

20/03/05 2nd Open @ Woolwich and Bexley CA, under Mrs Joyce Collis (Beagold)

19/03/05  2nd open dog @ Herts and Essex under?

06/03/05  1st Post grad dog @ Essex and Eastern Championship show, under Mr Jack Bispham. CRUFTS 2006 QUALIFIED


20/02/05 1st open dog, BOB, 1st working group @ Horley and District Open Show, under Debra Flemming (Ailort)

6/02/05 2nd Limit dog @ LHC Limit show, under Dawn pilling (Mateez)

16/01/05 1st open and BOB, last few for Best in show @ Dover and Deal Open show, under Mrs Clark (Clarkenwells)

8/01/05 2nd @ SWECA, under Annette Rushton (Davnette)

2/01/05 Best In rally @ London and Home counties January rally, under John Lyons.

2/01/05 1st limit dog and BOB, G4, under Linda Lay (swiftwood), and Barry Hewart (Irlcadian) @ Ashford and Faversham Open show.

19/12/04 1st Open dog, under Mrs  Dowell (Bellchime) @ Guildford and District Premier status show.

12/12/04 1st Open Dog and BOB, under Keith Patten @ Woolwich and Bexley Premier Status Open Show.

5/12/04  Best in Rally @ London and Home Counties Xmas Rally, under Kate Cook.(Boynhams)

5/12/04 1st Open and BOB, under Rosemary Lord (Hecklehaze) @ Whitstable and District

21/11/04 1st Postgrad ,under Mr.David Cavill @ Camberley and District

20/11/04  1st Postgrad and BOB, under Ms. Deb Hoy (Debrinka) @ Crystal Palace CS

7/11/04   1st Postgrad and BOB, Group 2, under Robert Vanston (Vandenrob) and Peter Jolley @ East Kent CS

31/10/04 1st Postgrad and BOB, under Estelle Elliotte-Wilson @ Dartford and District Limit show.

27/10/04 Best in Rally,LHC Detling, under Bob Prout.

24/10/04 1st Postgrad and BOB, under Kirsty Taylor (Wilmarc) @ Gravesend and Medway Towns

23/10/04 1st DEBUTANT DOG, under Mr.G Mitchell (Kizkas) @ LHC Championship Show.

29/9/04 Reserve Best In Rally, under Lorette ? @ LHC Detling Rally

10/10/04 2nd AV working and Pastoral, under Liz Cartledge @ Beckenham CS

26/9/04 1st Post Graduate and BOB, under Dawn Williams (Dajox)@ Asford and Faversham CS Limit Show.

19/09/04 2nd Graduate, under Denise Barrett (Valdenton) @ Coulsdon and District CS

12/9/04 2nd Graduate, under Carol Schofield (Koppernox) @ Essex and Eastern Counties Boxer Club, Open Show.

21/08/04 2nd Post Grad, under Ron Lindup @ Horley and District CS

15/08/04 Best in Rally @ Essex and Eastern Boxer Club. This was Todds last Junior Class and he now moves up to Post Graduate.

01/8/04 1st Junior, BOB, working group 3rd under Geoff Duffield (Angelfield) @ Wealdstone and Northolt CS

22/7/04  2nd Junior under Pat Heath (Seefeld) @ East Of England Championship Show (CRUFTS QUALIFIED)

20/6/04  1st Junior under Mr.S Mallard @ London Home Counties open show

13/6/04  1st Junior under Mrs.M Downs Wheeler (Kingswick) @ SWECA

03/5/04  1st Junior, then BEST OF BREED,  4th WORKING GROUP   under Ian Trowbridge (Trojan) @ Chelmsford and District CS

28/04/04 1st Junior,then on to win, BEST DOG IN RALLY, he was then Also awarded PUP OF THE YEAR, @ London Home Counties Rally at the Detling Branch, under Edna Woods (Sandyne)

18/04/04 2nd in Junior, under Mr.B. Reynolds-Frost @ Camberley and District Premier Show.

12/04/04 1st Junior, BEST OF BREED, under Terry Nethercott (Sunsalve)@ Dunstable and District CS Open Show

9/4/04 2nd in Junior, under Mrs.B. Moody (U.S.A) @ Herts and Essex Border CA Open show

21/3/04 1st in Junior, under Michelle Philipson @ Woolwich, Bexley and District Open show.

14/3/04 1st in Junior, under Di Mc Cann @ Folkstone, Hythe and District open Show.

08/02/04  2nd in puppy, under Mrs. Anne Redmore @ London and Home Counties Limit Show. This was Todds last puppy class, he now moves up to Junior.

01/02/04 1st Puppy , Best puppy in Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Show, under Sarah Oddy and John Lyons @ East Kent Limit Show 

28/9/03 1st PuppyBest Puppy in Breed, Group2 @ Ashford Faversham and District Canine Society